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The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.
Aiken Soft Wash
Happy Customers Aiken Soft Wash
Happy Customers Aiken Soft Wash

Thank you for taking the time to visit our "About Us" page.

You may have noticed other websites use this type of page to list all their accomplishments and all sorts of other "business" stuff…. we do as well, but have saved it for the end down below. I want to use a few paragraphs to tell you "About Me" and share my story.

My name is Bob Keenan and I am the owner of Aiken Soft Wash. I moved to South Carolina in 2001 and have renovated and restored about 20 homes in Aiken as a SC state licensed General Contractor, as I have been doing since 1995 even before coming here.

In a "previous life", I developed Windows software in automation and nuclear environments.

Being married with 4 children, I wanted to change the rat-race and control more of my time to spend with my family. For various reasons, pressure washing, window cleaning and roof cleaning seemed to be a fit. After learning from and working with other professional pressure washers, roof cleaners and window cleaners, I started Aiken Soft Wash in 2009.

Now my goal is to utilize the expert knowledge and skills developed over the years to provide Value to you, allowing you to do more of what YOU enjoy doing.

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