Asphalt Roof Stain Removal

Low-Pressure "SoftWashing" is the safest way to clean asphalt roof shingles - and the ONLY way recommended by the shingle manufacturers themselves.

Q: Why does my roof have these black streaks and stains?

A: You might not want to hear it, but the answer is ALGAE! Specifically, a primitive single-cell cyanobacteria organism called Gloeocapsa Magma.

This airborne bacteria gets deposited on your roof from various different sources, but it's the heat and humidity, combined with the fiberglass and limestone filler components in your shingles that these bacteria FEED on. The accumulation of dead cellular material of these cyanobacteria create visually dark streaks and stains on the shingles. This buildup holds water, as it stains and darkens your roof - which holds more HEAT. This combination can degrade the life of the shingle, so naturally, removing the stains improves the life of the shingles!

Aiken Augusta Roof Cleaning

Aiken SC Pressure Washing

We use a specially formulated mix of industrial-strength algaecides and surfactants to safely clean your shingles. Once the algae is neutralized and rinsed, your roof will be transformed, and much healthier!
The process we use is specified by the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA). Click Here to read the ARMA Technical Bulletin on Roof Algae Cleaning.

Cedar Creek Roof Cleaning
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Augusta Roof Stains
Augusta Roof Stains
Roof Cleaning Aiken Augusta
Roof Cleaning Aiken Augusta
Roof Cleaning Aiken Augusta

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